Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 I had the pleasure of working on the Socio-Cybersecurity research project alongside Sociology and Cybersecurity professors. During this time I was blessed with the opportunity to be actively engaged in the research process and professional conferences.

The research project allowed me to explore cyber-security and it’s relation to sociology. I had the pleasure to present at the Emerging Researchers National Conference in STEM. There I was able to present the data collected of sociology students pre and post knowledge of cyber-security practices. It was a great experience presenting a social science poster to an audience of individuals who were predominantly of the natural science discipline.

Throughout the research project, I have worked on different modules incorporating critical technological concepts into the social sciences. Specifically, I was able to learn more about Cloud Computing Security and Ethical hacking practices in cyber-security. I really enjoyed helping professors construct survey questions and creating PowerPoint lectures for both topics. I also enjoyed helping the professors present to their classes and watching how engaged the students became as they learned more about the topic.
I would like to thank the National Science Foundation, Sociology Department and Computer Science Department for this wonderful learning opportunity and enriching experience. I would also like to thank Dr. Turner for allowing me the opportunity to work on the research project and Dr. Perkins & Dr. Hinds for acting as a mentor.