My reflection on working with the Norfolk State University Socio-Cybersecurity Project has been a positive experience. During this time, I gotten a chance to see, experience, and learn how research is done in an academic setting.  Some examples included getting a chance to see all phases of conducting interviews for research. This would include gaining knowledge on how to write research interview questions in a way that you can get true and accurate information. I also gained firsthand experience in setting up interviews which can be an easy and hard task at the same time. One of the most positive experiences was conducting interviews with participants and gaining some insight in.

This project also made me more interested in looking at how cybersecurity affects me and the world we live in. For example, before I started working on this project, I had a general knowledge of cybersecurity like not opening unrecognized emails and having forms of antivirus on your devices to keep them safe. But I did not connect that doing simple things like that also keeps your whole network safe because if that gets breached than everyone is at risk. I also got a chance to learn about why organizations take so much effort in making sure their employees or workers are protected from cyber threats. On the opposite of that I also got some insight in what the workers feel and think about these protocols. In the end I hope that I get a chance to continue to work in the field of socio-cybersecurity or general cybersecurity when I graduate from university.