Throughout this research project I have gained a multitude of experience that I can apply to my profession career. One aspect that I enjoyed was being able to develop a professional relationship with my sociology professors. From being able to take part in project meetings and working with professors such as Dr. Turner and Dr. Shen on a one-on-one basis. This opportunity has taught me the process of conducting research, analyzing results, and communicating these findings with others.

            One of the biggest accomplishments from this research project was being able to take part in Norfolk State’s Research Symposium. This was a great learning experience and it was my first opportunity to take part in a public speaking role. When I first starting presenting I was nervous, but as time went in on I communicated Dr. Shen and I findings confidently. As a result, I won honorable mention during the judging portion of the symposium. Other experience that I gained was being able to see how to conduct a research project. I also saw some of the behind the scenes elements that goes into creating and working on a new curriculum for a new college level course.

            In all, I would like to thank Dr. Turner and the grant donors for allowing me the opportunity to take part on this research project and to gain valuable experience that I can apply to my future endeavors. This opportunity was greatly appreciated and I would recommend this opportunity to other students as well.