Working with the Norfolk State’s sociology and cybersecurity departments on this project has been a rewarding experience. I have not only gained knowledge and insight in this field but it has also helped me to become more aware to phishing emails and cybersecurity attack’s. It has also helped me to network and gain personal relationships with advisors as well as my peers in the sociology and cybersecurity departments. Before embarking on this journey, I was not at all knowledgeable on the subject but throughout the time spent on the project I learned a lot. I wasn’t exactly sure how sociology and cybersecurity could be combined but overtime I began to understand. The most rewarding part of being on this project was being able to present my work at the Undergraduate Research Symposium that was held here at Norfolk State. I would like to thank Dr. Turner and all the advisors who gave me the opportunity and assisted me with this project.

Fall 2017 and Spring 2018