Socio-cybersecurity can be defined as the socio-cultural aspects of cybersecurity. Within the emerging discourse there is a focus on the accompanying social problems of the phenomenon, the socio-psychological implications particularly for criminal justice, its role in modern bureaucracies and institutions, and the position of big data and research methodology.

Who We Are

We are a team of interdisciplinary researchers at Norfolk State University, who are focused on infusing cybersecurity across academic disciplines through empirical research and curriculum development.


  • 1. Socio-Cybersecurity in Organizations (Excellence in Research Project – National Science Foundation, 2020-2023)

Socio-Cybersecurity at Norfolk State University aims to conduct comprehensive research on employees’ efficiency and performance predictability as a result of cybersecurity policies instituted by an organization. The project is funded by the National Science Foundation, Excellence in Research program.

Our Main Objectives

1. To investigate the impact of the implementation of cybersecurity policy have on employees’ efficiency.

2. To investigate the impact of the stringency of cybersecurity protocols within an organization have on the predictability of employee’s response to security vulnerabilities

3. To situate the findings in the social organization theory discourse.

4. The socio-cybersecurity project will establish an interdisciplinary research framework at NSU.

  • 2. Socio-Cybersecurity in the Curriculum (Targeted Infusion Project – National Science Foundation, 2016-2019)

Our Main Objectives

1. Integrated cybersecurity into existing undergraduate sociology and criminal justice courses.

2. Hosted workshops training facutly in socio-cybersecurity module creation.

3. Created two socio-cybersecurity courses at NSU:

    • Socio-Cybersecurity (SOC-401)                                                                                                             
    • CyberCrime (CJS-340)                              

Meet Our Team

Carlene Turner

Carlene Buchanan Turner, PhD.

Professor : Sociology, NSU

Claude Turner, PhD.

Professor : Computer Science, NSU

Robert K. Perkins, PhD.

Professor : Sociology, NSU

Cheryl Hinds, PhD.

Associate Professor : Computer Science, NSU
yuying_shen (1)

Yuying Shen, PhD.

Associate Professor : Sociology, NSU

Jonathan Graham, PhD.

Professor : Computer Science, NSU
Professional Pic (002)

Kianga R. Thomas, EdD.

Associate Professor : School of Education, NSU

Anthony Joseph, PhD.

Professor : Computer Science, Pace University