Hello fellow Sociology Student’s,

I, Wayne Richardson graduated undergraduate student of B.A. Sociology with a concentration of Criminology experienced a wonderful internship with Dr. Turner and the Sociology department on Infusion of Socio-Cybersecurity modules into Sociology courses here at Norfolk State University. Upon being selected to work as an intern with Dr. Turner I was unsure about Socio-Cybersecurity and the project’s goals of direction towards the Sociology department and its student’s. I had only heard of and about Socio-Cybersecurity but, was never formally introduced. The internship opened up opportunities of enlightenment, that I were able to use my analytics skills and social statistics understanding to discover different learning theories that has help sociology students to better retain and understand course module’s.

As a research assistant and teacher assistant visually I was able to understand how to incorporate undergraduate student’s towards new learning outcomes that had directly impacted there overall learning experiences. The concepts of pre-post testing survey questionnaires, the practice of infusing experiential learning theory, and a great understanding of the courses module lesson helped aiding student’s to grasp the course lesson’s faster, and easier with hands on learning methods. I was honored with the privilege to present Socio-Cybersecurity module of Password and Passphrase at this year’s 2018 Undergraduate Research and Innovation Symposium. Keeping my composure with excellent professionalism upkeep and good acknowledgement of the infused project. I delivered a great oral presentation to judges and interested students. The experience influence my overall attitude towards the internship, keeping my interest open towards employment opportunities with Dr. Turner and the Sociology department as a Senior Research Assist in Socio-Cybersecurity within the near future. Working as a teacher assistant is very demanding but very rewarding also. You are blessed to network with a strong core of Sociology major Professor’s, advance your administrative skills, and refresh your knowledge of analyzing social statistics. Working with Dr. Turner was very good for my professional development. I was capable to impress her with my ability to complete task assignments by deadlines, show great deal of project goal’s support, always professional and courteous towards projects colleges and students. Which helped Dr. Turner to manage project operations and goals with great success.

In return, not only was the internship a paid internship it also given me direct letters of recommendations that will accommodate and assist me with career goal’s planning, job applications, and graduate school application standards here at Norfolk State University Graduates program under Master of Arts Criminal Justice studies. I recommend this internship opportunity for highly focused and motivated students that had excelled in Sociology major courses, within two to three semesters of undergrad studies graduation. Having the ability to adapt your schedule and inspire fellow students and professors working in the project is highly recommend also. The idea is to have one-hundred percent involvement with the project team and continue to learn and grow as a student and professional is the number one top priority. If I had another opportunity, I will for sure make needed sacrifices to work as an intern with the project team again. It was a lovely experience and one of many great moment of college experience here at Norfolk State University that I will indeed truly cherish. Thank you, Dr. Turner, Student’s, Professor’s, and project management team, for believing in me.

Spring 2018