It’s my honor working on the Socio-Cybersecurity research project. Dr. Claude Turner, Dr. Carlene Turner, and Drs. Shen & Graham mentored this project. In this project we build an App using different software such as My SQL, PHP, HTML etc. Dr. Turner supervised building the App. The team members used to meet weekly and share their unique ideas for making the project better. I have been working as a Research Assistant in this project since Fall 2021.

The best part of this project is to make people aware about cyber-attack and keep their professional and personal information secure from hackers. My role in this project is to build a socio-cybersecurity database for the app and related works. In this database we can store different work-related tasks that incorporate cybersecurity protocols such as we store survey and interview responses.

I would like to thank the National Science Foundation, Department of Sociology and Department of Computer Science for this wonderful opportunity. Specifically, I would like to thank Dr. Turner for allowing me the opportunity to work on the research project. This project has allowed me to become a more competitive student as I continue my education at the graduate level this coming fall.