In order to meet the requirements for SOC 393, I accepted an internship with the Sociology Department at NSU. I was assigned to the Socio-cybersecurity project to interview students and employees in the area about their views on the internet and cybersecurity. As a research assistant on the team, I was able to gain a better understanding of the needs of cybersecurity training for students and some employees.

During the interviews, I learned that most people are uncomfortable with their lack of knowledge in cybersecurity or don’t think about it at all.

This internship was a great experience. It was certainly a pleasure to work with the professors in the department. I have learned so much about research and cybersecurity while conducting interviews. I do encourage other students to seek internships in Sociology here at NSU. It is helpful, rewarding, and it enhances opportunities within the department and with corporations and organizations.

My experience has impacted my future career decisions in Cybersecurity and in pursuing my education further. After my graduation in December, I plan to apply for the Master’s program in Socio-Cybersecurity. I have even done some research on the Doctorate programs in Sociology. My assignments, the professors, and the program have encouraged me to pursue more research opportunities career-wise and educationally. I am grateful and look forward to working with the program in the future.