The experience I received working with Norfolk State faculty and peers on this informative project was amazing. I gained so much knowledge, built new relationships, and had the ability to network with professors outside of the sociology major. In addition, this research opportunity gave me the encouragement I needed to confidently present data to large crowds. Thus, with motivating academic advisors and peer researchers, I was able to conquer my fears, and execute what I have been learning throughout my sociology curriculum at Norfolk State.

Furthermore, not only did I obtain more experience in analyzing data, but I also learned how important cyber security and password security is in today’s society. Hence, I have changed my behaviors and decisions pertaining to every day password usage in order to better protect myself from cybercrime. With this knowledge, I plan to share the importance of password security with my peers, and people that I meet who frequently use technology.

This project was a very beneficial learning experience that I am thankful I had the opportunity to participate in. I am very grateful to have worked with such a great team to kick off the start of this evolutionary research. Our world is constantly changing, and moving toward more advancements in technology, and the research team I worked with understood that; therefore, through this research, we can help others gain that same understanding, and expose to them ways to protect themselves.