This opportunity I was given has been most enlightening and full of new experiences and possibilities. Working with the Computer Science department, learning more about cybersecurity and assisting in teach such concepts has been exhilarating. Before working on the project, my knowledge of cybersecurity concepts was very limited, but due to thorough research and discussion I have gained knowledge about a fragment of the complexities of cybersecurity. Just as I’ve stated in my part of the project, becoming knowledgeable about these concepts has become essential as cybercrimes have become common in our ever-growing technological society.

There were several benefits to this program including strengthening my ability to take notes for our project meetings and reporting them back in a timely manner as a basis for the next meeting. Other benefits included becoming more familiar with conducting research and translating it to a poster presentation, gaining connections and new research ideals by presenting at our NSU Symposium, being given the opportunity to present in front of NSF representative and attend the ERN conference, and learning to communicate effectively with my advisors for meetings and discussion regardless of our busy schedules.

Out of the entire project, I would have to say my favorite parts were conducting the modules and presenting our research. Each of these were very social environments were discussion was heavy and different ideals were always being incorporated. The Undergraduate Research Symposium was my first time presenting a poster in that fashion and it was certainly something I would like to do again. The several discussions I had with students, professors, or other onlookers gave me confidence and inspired me to potentially continue research in the future.

Overall, I had a great experience and would participate in this project again if I had the chance. I would like to thank my advisors Dr. Perkins and Dr. Hinds, my peers for helping me when I was confused about what to do, and each faculty member that worked alongside us to make this project a success. I wish the best for the future of this project and that it continues to grow, educate more individuals, give more opportunities, and create more wonderful experiences for students.

Fall 2017 and Spring 2018